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About us

NUTEC Group is an international leader in the design and implementation of highly innovative and efficient industrial heating systems. The highly-qualified engineers at Nutec Bickley and Nutec serve clients through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns.

NUTEC Group serves customers in more than 50 countries around the world, providing high-quality, reliable products and services that help customers to control industrial heating costs and achieve energy savings through efficiencies. With a history of 40 years of service, innovation and growth, NUTEC Group was founded in 1975. Today's CEO carries on the NUTEC Group legacy of a customer-centered corporate culture and product innovation.

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NUTEC is an international leader in the design and implementation of highly innovative and efficient industrial heating systems.



NUTEC was incorporated to manufacture industrial burners and combustion equipment.


NUTEC begins distribution and installation of Cerwool* ceramic fibers.


Start up of NUTEC blown ceramic fiber plant in Monterrey, Mexico.


NUTEC INDUSTRIAL is incorporated to design and manufacture industrial kilns.


Acquisition of NUTEC Premier's spun ceramic plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, a JV with Premier Refractories, Inc.


NUTEC implements ERP with SAP in all its companies.


NUTEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary exporting to 48 countries and starts up NUTEC IBAR's ceramic fiber manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Acquisition of Vesuvius USA equity in NUTEC Premier making it a wholly own subsidiary.


NUTEC establishes NUTEC Europe in Bilbao, Spain to strengthen its position in Europe to distribute Ceramic Fiber products and act as support base for NUTEC Bickley.

NUTEC acquires Izueza Procal and forms NUTEC Procal to manufacture vaccum formed ceramic fiber products, with a proprietary non-organic technology. Its 5000 m2 new facility is located near Bilbao, Spain.


NUTEC BICKLEY signs an agreement with Wesman Group from Kolkata India, to form a new joint venture called “NUTEC BICKLEY Wesman Kilns” to sell, manufacture and service kilns for the ceramic market in India.

NUTEC BICKLEY acquires the intellectual proprietary from GFC Kilns based in Melbourne Australia. The agreement includes all designs, patents, customer base, and supplier network, including JV in China. NUTEC BICKLEY also hires GFC’s key personnel to guarantee the proper transfer of Technology.


NUTEC starts operation of a totally new production line of Spun ASW in Ramos Arizpe, Coah. Mexico, increasing their production capacity.


NUTEC developed new products for Appliances and Fire Protection Markerts.
The 5S program is successfully implemented.


NUTEC increase their installed capacity by 25% in Ramos Arizpe, Coah. Mexico.
NUTEC obtained the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification.


Dragon Kilns with 25 years of experience joined forces with NUTEC BICKLEY to strengthen its position in South East and Far East Asia.


NUTEC opens a new Vacuum Forming facility in Ramos Arizpe, Coah. Mexico. This plant will double capacity for boards and special shapes products in 2013.


NUTEC BICKLEY restructures the Company dividing it into four different business units, Ceramics, Metals, Combustion & Control and Fabrication Services.


After many years without change, NUTEC decided, it was time to update and modernize its official logo.


Nutec increases their overall fiber capacity by adding another furnace line. The “Max” brand name is created for all Fiber Products.


Grand Opening of Plant lll, Fabrication Facility in Ramos Arizpe, Coah. Mexico. NUTEC celebrates it’s 40 year anniversary.


Nutec Inc. is formed with the addition of Line IV in Huntersville, North Carolina.


To be a world class group in manufacturing of high temperature insulation, Kilns and Furnaces, supplying high quality products and superior service by exceeding our clients employees and stockholders expectations.


To compete advantageously in the design, supply and installation of combustion and insulation systems for industry in general as well as in the design and construction of kilns for the ceramic industry and furnaces for the metal industry, always with the latest technology, and representing the best option for our customers.

Core Values


Is the self-imposed obligation to do everything in our scope to make things happen, be proactive, ‘wear the shirt’ and assure others that they can count on us.


Means consistency between what we say and what we do; being accountable and trustworthy, say the truth and being honest toward shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and any business partner.


Accepting others’ right to have their own opinions, preferences and beliefs, even though we don’t agree with them; accepting that no one is obligated to be as we would like them to be and that every person can make his/her own decisions. Respect starts by respecting self and then extends to other people and organizations, as well as to society and the environment.


Is the capability and willingness to assume the consequences of everything we do; not blaming others, do what is expected to be done without waiting for someone else to take charge.

Cultural Principles


Continous Improvement

We see continuous improvement as a way of life, always questioning the ‘why’, with the aim of producing the best quality, faster, cheaper and more useful. Continuous improvement is an important part of everyone’s effort in the company.


Costumer Orientation

The customer is the ultimate focus of the company; they are our strategic partners and we want them to continue to do business with us in the future. We want them to grow, earn more money and develop and we must understand and respect the trust they place on us as an integral link in their supply chain.



We always look to develop a broad range of skills amongst our employees: knowledge, specific skills, attitudes, values and habits to name a few. This philosophy is also extended to our employees’ families. We also look to develop our suppliers and customers - if they do their job well, we do it well too.


Great working enviroment

We refer to the great relationships we have amongst our staff, customers and suppliers. Working in a comfortable and friendly workplace allows us to perform our daily functions in a harmonious manner and is reflected in productivity, company loyalty, motivation and mood.



Creating new things and continually trying to improve current practices or procedures. Taking these ideas from our imaginations right through to implementation, challenging the traditional thinking and trying to do what nobody else has done.


Good order & cleanliness

It is a reflection of who we are, the image we project to customers, suppliers, society, our employees and their families. Keep our places clean and tidy, have only the necessary tools and materials to do our job - it saves time and space, plus you can avoid accidents.



Taking the initiative in developing creative and bold actions to make improvements. Taking responsibility for making things happen, deciding what we do and how we are going to do it.



Recognizing the achievements of others is a form of respect, of teamwork and of integrity. The responsibility to do this is from everyone, not just from those who lead areas or departments.


Social responsibility

We see ourselves as an integral part of a society that we care for and develop. Wherever Nutec has operations we look to achieve four goals:

1. Minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
2. Assisting in the sustainable development of our society & environment.
3. Creating secure employment with adequate remuneration and a developmental work environment.
4. Complying with all laws and regulations that are applicable.



The collaboration between people and departments to achieve common goals. Formal teams are not necessary if each person does what they do best and makes it available to others.


To love what you do

Loving what you do is essential to the success that could be obtained in any field of human endeavor. It involves putting your heart into your work and if you really like and enjoy what you do it will be reflected in your results.



The collaboration between people and departments to achieve common goals. Formal teams are not necessary if each person does what they do best and makes it available to others.