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World Leader in Innovation and Development of Industrial Thermal Solutions

Founded in 1975, NUTEC Group is a global leader in the design and implementation of industrial heating solutions known for their efficiency and innovation.

With over 45 years of history in service, innovation, and growth, NUTEC Group serves clients in over 50 countries worldwide, providing state-of-the-art thermal solutions that help control heating costs, achieve energy savings, and offset carbon footprint.

Each of our companies carries on the legacy of NUTEC Group, empowering visionaries with innovative solutions that surpass all expectations.


NUTEC is established for the manufacturing of industrial burners and combustion equipment.


Start of operations of NUTEC plant for the manufacturing of blown ceramic fiber in Monterrey, Mexico.


NUTEC Industrial is incorporated for the design and manufacturing of industrial furnaces.


Acquisition of NUTEC Premier plant for the manufacturing of centrifuged ceramic fiber in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.


NUTEC begins the distribution of CerWool ceramic fiber.


NUTEC begins manufacturing ceramic fiber under the Fibratec brand.


NUTEC Industrial expands its scope to include the manufacturing, installation, service, and design of industrial furnaces for ceramics and metals.


NUTEC Bickley builds a modern 8,000 square meter plant in Monterrey, Mexico, for the manufacturing of industrial furnaces for ceramics and metals, aiming to reduce costs and manufacturing times.

1970s - 1990s


NUTEC celebrates its 30th Anniversary, NUTEC Ibar begins operations with a ceramic fiber manufacturing plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


NUTEC establishes NUTEC Europe in Bilbao, Spain, seeking to solidify its position in the European continent for the distribution of ceramic fiber products and to act as a support for NUTEC Bickley


NUTEC announces the acquisition of Procal, a leader in the European market for special vacuum-formed ceramic fiber components, and establishes NUTEC Procal.


NUTEC BICKLEY acquires the intellectual property of GFC Kilns based in Melbourne, Australia. The agreement includes all designs, patents, customer base, and supplier network, including a joint venture in China. NUTEC BICKLEY also hires key personnel from GFC to ensure proper technology transfer.


NUTEC developed new products for the Appliance and Fire Protection Markets. The 5S program was successfully implemented.


NUTEC Bickley and Dragon Kilns join forces to strengthen their position in the Southeast and Far East Asian market.


NUTEC Bickley restructures the company and establishes four business units: Ceramics, Metals, Combustion and Control Systems, and Manufacturing and Installation Services.


After many years, NUTEC decides to update its corporate identity.


Opening of Plant III in Ramos Arizpe, México. NUTEC celebrates its 40 Aniversary.


NUTEC Bickley acquires Olson Industries, increasing its offer for the steel, aluminum and alloy industries.


NUTEC seeks to consolidate its digital footprint by launching B2B and B2C e-commerce portals, as well as a new corporate website.


Acquisition of Vesuvius USA shares in NUTEC Premier, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.


NUTEC Bickley adquires the intelectual property (IP) of GFC Kilns, based in Melbourne, Australia.


NUTEC BICKLEY signs an agreement with Wesman Group of Kolkata, India, to form a new joint venture called "NUTEC BICKLEY Wesman Kilns" to sell, manufacture and repair kilns for the Indian ceramic market.


NUTEC begins the operation of a new production line for refractory ceramic fiber in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, increasing its production capacity.


NUTEC increased its installed capacity by 25% in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico. NUTEC obtained the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification.


NUTEC opens a new vacuum forming plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.


NUTEC's vacuum forming plant doubles its capacity for the manufacture of vacuum forming boards and special parts.


NUTEC increases its fiber production by incorporating a new line of furnaces. Max is created, an umbrella brand for its portfolio of ceramic fiber products.


NUTEC Inc. is formed with the incorporation of Plant IV in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA.


NUTEC acquires Protective Concepts Inc. and forms the new entity NUTEC Protective Concepts.


NUTEC celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a systematic change in its brand, which seeks to take the company into the future.

2000s - 2025s


Grupo NUTEC transforms the Thermal Insulation Industry through innovative technologies that improve efficiency and help offset carbon footprints

Beyond 2025

Our purpose


To be a world-class group in the manufacturing of high-temperature insulation, furnaces, and ovens, providing high-quality products and superior service that exceeds the expectations of our customers, employees, and shareholders.


To competitively participate in the design, supply, and installation of combustion and insulation systems for the general industry, as well as in the design and construction of furnaces for the ceramic and metal industries. We aim to do so by employing the latest technology and representing the best choice for our customers.


As a world-class company, we are committed to our Quality and Environmental Management System through innovation, continuous improvement, and the development of our workforce.

Fundamental Values


Commitment is the self-imposed obligation to do everything within our reach to make things happen. It involves being proactive, going the extra mile, and assuring others that they can rely on us.


Consistency between what we say and what we do is essential. We strive to be responsible and trustworthy to our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and any business partners.


Respect begins with respecting oneself and extends to other individuals, organizations, as well as society and the environment.


Accountability is the ability and willingness to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. It means not blaming others and doing what is expected of us without waiting for someone else to take charge.