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High-Performance Thermal Solutions for your Insulation Challenges

Leader in High-Performance Thermal Insulation Solutions in North America

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance thermal insulation and fire protection products, NUTEC is consistently engaged in developing new and improved thermal solutions for various industries, ranging from ceramics, glass, and heat treatment to petrochemicals and power generation.

With over 45 years of experience and a passion for innovation, NUTEC's product portfolio consists of a wide range of refractory ceramic blankets, low bio-persistent blankets, engineered fibers, and aluminosilicate ceramic fiber paper. These products are designed to meet the most demanding thermal challenges.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of thermal technology has enabled us to provide effective solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure safety across diverse industrial applications.

Our companies

NUTEC Fibratec

High-Performance Thermal Insulation Solutions

Location: México

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NUTEC protective concepts

Customized Products for Passive Fire Protection

Location: Estados Unidos

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High-Performance Thermal Insulation Solutions

Location: Estados Unidos

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Procal NUTEC

Special Fiber Shapes for Vacuum Formed Insulation

Location: España

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High-Temperature Insulation Fiber

Location: Brasil

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Designed for the Most Extreme Thermal Challenges


Innovative and Customized Engineering Solutions